Spicy carrot soup with ginger, coconut milk and toasted black sesame seeds


Hi everyone! 🙂 December is here and with the winter we have to keep ourselves warm. For this reason I chose this perfect winter soup due to which you won’t feel cold anymore.

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Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and artichokes


There are many reasons why I really love summer and some of them are connected with the food. This is the period of fresh and juicy fruits and veggies. Continue reading “Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and artichokes”

home-made sauerkraut

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Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you are enjoying these holidays and cooking a lot! 🙂

I was thinking about posting my favorite Xmas dish- Sauerkraut soup and then I realized that many of you don´t have any access to buy a sauerkraut as we do here in Slovakia so lets take it step by step. Continue reading “home-made sauerkraut”

Pasta aglio olio with sun-dried tomatoes

IMG_5559 Well, or just simply said : “pasta with olive oil and garlic “:) Sounds pretty tedious if you look at it but I guarantee that this recipe is not boring at all. It is very simple, easy to prepare and definitely one of the best pasta option. Continue reading “Pasta aglio olio with sun-dried tomatoes”

Halloween recipe- Pumpkin soup with coconut milk

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♫ This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night …♫

Happy Halloween to everyone!! ^^

Nothing beats a halloween dinner more than a pumpkin soup! In this case, everything good means just PUMPKIN+COCONUT MILK+ CHILI PEPPERS.

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Cherry tomato-avocado salad with radish and hemp seeds


Here comes one of my favourite salads 🙂 I love avocado no matter what kind of recipe it is but in a combination with tomatoes, olive oil and lime juice it’s amazing and so fresh. To be honest  I am probably an avocado & tomato fanatic and I can eat these fruits even every day. Did I say fruits?

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Banitsa- back to Bulgarian roots


Few weeks ago I met a very interesting girl whose name is Dan and she comes from Bulgary. Eventhough I didn´t know her before, from the beginning we had so much to talk about and one of our topics was Bulgary. Probably many of you didn´t know that I am half Bulgarian. My dad and half of my family comes from there and after meeting Dan I had someone who could I share various facts about this country, its traditions and of course about the food. She reminded me my family´s roots and it brought me to prepare one of my favourite and traditional Bulgarian recipes- Banitsa.

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