Pea Pesto (Hráškové Pesto)



When I hear a word pesto it is usually Italian pesto Genovese that comes to my mind. Or even red pesto made of sun-dried tomatoes. But I am pretty sure that this little twist with  peas is something you will like. Continue reading “Pea Pesto (Hráškové Pesto)”


Spaghetti with sautéed brown champignons & cherry tomatoes


Hi everyone! Today I have a really simple and delicious pasta recipe that you can prepare in less than half an hour. I am pretty sure that the lovers of Italian cuisine will like it 🙂  Continue reading “Spaghetti with sautéed brown champignons & cherry tomatoes”

Salmon nuggets in a corn-parmesan crust with home-made tartar sauce


Tender and juicy salmon chunks in a crispy corn-parmesan crust dipped in home-made tartar sauce. So who said that the nuggets are made just of chicken meat? Lets prepare today a different version of this loved by almost everyone food.

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Beetroot risotto with goat cheese and pine nuts


After the last risotto recipe which gained quite popularity here I decided to come with a different version of it. Many times people ask me what’s my favorite food and I never know which one to choose but if you ask me about one of my favorite ingredients for cooking my answer would be definitely rice. It’s such an amazing ingredient from which you can create great variety of tasty dishes. Continue reading “Beetroot risotto with goat cheese and pine nuts”

Cherry tomato-avocado salad with radish and hemp seeds


Here comes one of my favourite salads 🙂 I love avocado no matter what kind of recipe it is but in a combination with tomatoes, olive oil and lime juice it’s amazing and so fresh. To be honest  I am probably an avocado & tomato fanatic and I can eat these fruits even every day. Did I say fruits?

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