Paella de Marisco- Seafood Paella


Hello everybody! 🙂 Today I would like to share with you my recipe for Seafood Paella. Few weeks ago I visited Valencia which is absolutely amazing coastal city in Spain and it’s famous for their Paellas. Continue reading “Paella de Marisco- Seafood Paella”


Slovak Steak Tartare


Nothing for vegetarians today, I guess 🙂 neither for those who are too afraid of trying this absolutely gorgeous and one of my top 10 dishes which is made of raw meat. YES!  exactly- RAW MEAT! (just in case you haven’t heard about steak tartare before).

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Beetroot risotto with goat cheese and pine nuts


After the last risotto recipe which gained quite popularity here I decided to come with a different version of it. Many times people ask me what’s my favorite food and I never know which one to choose but if you ask me about one of my favorite ingredients for cooking my answer would be definitely rice. It’s such an amazing ingredient from which you can create great variety of tasty dishes. Continue reading “Beetroot risotto with goat cheese and pine nuts”