Taste of Finland

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“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are,” (Gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

It´s been more than week that I haven´t posted anything here but the reason is that I travelled a bit. Always when I am travelling I am so curious about the culture and the food which is a part of it. Food, cooking, and eating habits play a central role in every culture. Food plays an important role in the lives of families in most cultures. However, the degree of importance varies from culture to culture. I was very lucky that last week when I went to Finland I could stay at my friend´s place with her and her family and to experience the Finnish lifestyle and everything about it. To be honest, it was truly unforgettable experience and I am really grateful for it.

Of all the places and countries I have visited, Finnish food was one of the most delicious I have ever eaten. I was a bit skeptical before because I was told not to expect anything special but then I was truly surprised. There are many amazing dishes made from absolutely great, tasty and fresh ingredients that Finland offers.

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The first finnish food I have tried was this rye bread with reindeer-mayonnaise filling which was served on my way to Finland on the board and I am not kidding but that was the love at the first sight with the Finnish rye bread 😀 I am not joking, but that bread is the best and I had to buy 2 enormous packages to Slovakia 😀 I love it


photo 3

How can someone resist ?? Ruislimppu– the best bread ever, mostly this particular one which was baked by my friend´s mom Tiina who is a great cook.
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Have you ever tried reindeer meat? or moose, elk or bear? haven´t you ? Then you will definitely try in Finland 🙂 These reindeer meatballs were “must-try” and you could get them almost everywhere but mainly at the food market in harbour.
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and what about reindeer kebab?? 😀
photo 3(1)
or just smoked slices of reindeer, elk, bear meat, you can choose 🙂
Who is still skeptical can just try the Finnish classic- Lohi, or just how we call it- Salmon. Smoked, baked, raw, as a main meal, salad, soup, what ever.
photo 1
or my favourite one- smoked with rye bread.
photo 5(1)
At the market everyone could choose, even the picky eaters 🙂
photo 3 (2)
my Finnish breakfast and one the best from Finland- Karjalapiirakka– Karelian pie (rye crust with a filling of rice porridge)
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Eventhough I don´t eat fast food very often I had to try Finnish Hesburger especially this rye burger. I swear this is the only one fast food I would eat even everyday if I were Finnish 😀
photo 1(1)
Mustikkapiirakka – blueberry pie mady by Viivi´s mom and one of the best berry pies I have eaten.
photo 2 (2)
and cannot leave Finland without trying fazer chocolate!

10 thoughts on “Taste of Finland”

      1. It is not always that great, you were very, very lucky! One year ago my husband arrived and the temperature dropped from 25C to 8C……………. 😉
        Are you planning to go back maybe next summer?


      2. Oh that ferry is a must do once in a life time 😉
        I used to do it every summer when I was young, and only visited it again few years ago. It didn’t have the same glamor as it had on me 30 yrs ago but it is an interesting sociological excursion anyway 😉

        Have you done the Tallinn ferry?


      3. My French husband thought that it was amusing to see people drinking beer and dancing at 10 in the morning 🙂 Happy Finns being romantic 😉
        But yeah, in the evening the ferries (when returning to Helsinki) can get a bit ugly.. hope you missed this part!


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